Obtaining payment. American Banker Glossary
The presentation of a negotiable instrument for payment, or the conversion of any accounts receivable into cash. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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collection col‧lec‧tion [kəˈlekʆn] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] the activity of collecting payments from customers, and the payments themselves:

• GE Capital will handle the collections for the new credit card.

• Italy has made good progress in cleaning up public finances and improving tax collection.

ˈdebt colˌlection [uncountable]
the activity of making individuals and businesses pay debts, usually ones that they have not paid on time or that they are refusing to pay:

• Like hundreds of small-business people with debt collection problems, Mr Buschman has retained a lawyer to help him collect on an overdue bill.

2. [countable, uncountable] BANKING the activity of organizing the payment of cheques, Securities etc:

• Security Pacific is the system's clearing bank, or channel for collection and disbursement of all funds and securities moving into and out of Delta.

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collection UK US /kəˈlekʃən/ noun
[C or U] the act or job of taking something away from a place: »

We will inform you when your goods are ready for collection.

refuse/waste collection »

Which public authority is responsible for waste collection?

[C or U] FINANCE the activity of collecting money that is owed, or the money collected: debt/rent/tax collection »

Last week, the state reported that tax collections are up 11.5% for this fiscal year.


I get involved with finance and rent collection.

[C or U] BANKING the act of arranging for the amount written on a cheque to be paid out of a bank account: »

The Federal Reserve Banks provide check collection services to depository institutions.

[U] the process of bringing information together from different places: »

We make software and bar-code products for data collection.

[C] a group of objects that someone has collected as a hobby or investment: »

an antiques/book/coin, etc. collection

See also DOCUMENTARY COLLECTION(Cf. ↑documentary collection)

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